Downloading the HLS module

First of all, download and unpack the linux 2.4.18 kernel, then apply our gensched patch, and finally configure and compile the kernel. When configuring the kernel, enable the ``GENERIC SCHEDULER'' option in ``Processor type and features''.

After that, uncompress the hls module sources, and enter in the ``hls/linux'' directory. Then, type

``make KERNEL_DIR=path where you uncompressed the linux kernel CLI=1''
to build the module.

The module can be built with different compilation options, which are passed to the Makefile by setting environment variables. In general, compiling with

``make OPT=1''
enables the compilation option ``OPT''. The following options are currently available Other options are also available, but they should be used only in very special cases. Please, write me for more details.

The compilation process generates a file called hls_module.o, which can be inserted into the kernel. If you did not specify ``INT_SCHED=1'', you have to type

``make your options modules''
to compile the schedulers' modules (hls_sched_rr.o, hls_sched_res.o, and hls_sched_ps.o).

HLS currently works only on x86 (tested on UP athlon and pentium) and ppc (tested only on an iBook) machines.

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