Downloading the HLS module

This page is still under development, and this section in particular still has to be written.

If you are impatient, just install the patched kernel, reboot the system, and insert the HLS module by doing

``insmod hls_module.o''
If you did not compile with the ``INT_SCHED'' option enabled, you also have to do
``insmod hls_sched_rr.o; insmod hls_sched_res.o; insmod hls_sched_ps.o''

If you enabled the ``CREATE'' option, a basic scheduling hierarchy is created, and a Round Robin scheduler is set as a default scheduler. Moreover, since the module insertion all the tasks are scheduled using the default scheduler (the HLS builtin round-robin scheduler).

If you did not enabled the ``CREATE'' option, you have to explicitly create your HLS schedulers hierarchy, by using the procfs interface.

More precise instructions will be provided in the future together with some example scripts.

You can change the scheduler for a task using the sched_setscheduler() call; have a look at ``tests/schedtest.c'' for more details.

If you want to try the simulator, go into the simulator directory and type ``make''. Then, ``./simulator'' will run a simple simulation (the output will be written in ``sim_output.txt''. Unfortunately, if you want to change the hierarchy or the workload you will have to edit ``sim.c''. We are currently working on this...

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