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What is HLS

The Hierarchical Loadable Schedulers (HLS) framework is a scheduling infrastructure originally developed by John Regehr for hierarchically composing soft real-time schedulers. Have a look at John's dissertation for more information about HLS.

Since HLS framework was developed for hierarchically composing schedulers there are child/parent relationships between schedulers. Each scheduler only communicates with its parent scheduler, its child schedulers (note that there can be more than one), and the HLS infrastructure. All these interactions happens according to a well defined interface: the HLS API. This property makes it possible to separate the OS independent part of the scheduler (using the HLS API) from the OS dependent code, called HLS backend. There is an RTSS02 WiP describing this separation.


How to compile it

How to use it

Mailing Lists

There currently are two HLS/related mailing lists:


HLS is still pre-alpha quality software. It seems to work for me, but it is not guaranteed to work for you ;) Try it only if you feel brave, or if you are really interested in working on it. Some bugs may still be present in the code, the documentation is totally missing, and after inserting the module the system can generate some messages. If they contain the words ``ERROR'' or ``WARNING'', please report them to the development mailing list.

Please, refer to the mailing list for any kind of problem.

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